Cyberoam, the leading global provider of network security appliances appointed Genx as its Platinum Partner for UAE. Based in the Dubai, Genx Systems is a leading channel player in the region, also having business alliances in various parts of the world.

The appointment of Genx Systems is part of Cyberoam’s expansion plan in the fast growing regional a cybersecurity market that has witnessed a growth at a CAGR of 13% and which is expected to be worth $10 bn by 2020.

Talking about this partnership, Ravinder Janotra, regional manager-Middle East, Cyberoam said “We are upbeat about this collaboration bringing benefits to all stakeholders. Genx is a major player in the market and we will benefit from theirpresence market understanding. Partner collaborations are crucial for our business growth. We are also committed towards strengthening them as they have a better grasp of customer issues and often form the first point of contact for them. It is this approach that has allowed us to achieve success in a short time and gain a strong foothold in the security market. With more hands joining in, we are confident of achieving major milestones in the very near future.”

Shakir Hussain, Managing Director at Genx Systems said “Organizations today generate massive amount of data which is accessed from multiple locations at a single point of time. While this easy collaboration has brought unprecedented gains for businesses, securing and managing such data resources and systems has become a major challenge for network administrators. We have been looking for a solution which addresses this challenge effectively and in a simple manner. In our search we have found that Cyberoam has a very impressive portfolio of solutions which provide comprehensive security cover for modern day businesses experimenting with Cloud, BYOD, Virtualization and Mobile Space.”

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