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Western Digital Blue vs. Black Series- Which HDD You Should Buy?

Western Digital Blue vs. Black Series- Which HDD You Should Buy?

HDD is an important component of your PC. You have to store a large amount of data starting from movies to necessary documents in HDD. While purchasing an HDD, you need to look at the brand rather than capacity or color. Western Digital is one of the most reputable brands selling world-class HDDs at affordable prices. You can also get HDDs of this brand in several colors such as Blue, Black, Purple, and Green.

There are 2 top-notch HDDs of Western Digital. They are WD Blue Hard Drive and Black series. Both of these models are good and give a nice performance. If you are planning to buy one of the two models, look at the features of both models. In this blog, we will discuss the differences between the Western Digital Blue and Black series and the best one to choose from.

1. Western Digital Blue drive

This HDD of Western Digital brand comes in amazing blue color. It has an attractive look as well. This drive also can store all your latest songs, movies, high-resolution images, innovative games, office files, and 4K videos. You can use WD Blue SSD Drive for home or business. Let us have a look at the features, pros, and cons of WD Blue Drive.

Features of WD Blue Drive

  • Advanced Technology

This hard drive includes NoTouch Ramp Load technology that helps to keep your important data safe. This technology does not let any hacker or outsider know your PC details like IP address and location.

  • Good performance

You can speed up your PC by installing this blue hard drive. It is easy to use this hard drive with SSD to view all the data properly. This hard drive can store data up to 6TB and above. Moreover, it improves the performance of your PC day by day.

  • Smooth backup

Blur Series of Western Digital has modern software that gives an easy backup of data on the system. You can get back up all apps, movies, and files on your system using this hard drive.

  • Long-term warranty

This blue drive comes with a warranty of 2 years. It is tested by technical experts and works for a long time.

Pros and Cons of WD Blue Drive

Pros of WD Blue drive

  • It gives a fast speed between 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM.
  • This drive is good for gaming and general purpose.
  • It contains a cache of about 64MB that helps to do speedy operations easily.
  • Data density reduces travel requirements on the header leading to a decrease in seek time.
  • It has a transfer speed between 147MB/s and 180MB/S.

Cons of WD Blue Drive

  • This hard drive has a maximum capacity of only 1TB
  • It lacks vibration protection.
  • This hard drive has a limited warranty of 2 years.

2. Western Digital Black Hard Drive series

Western Digital Black Hard Drive is one of the best hard drives for industrial use. It has been modified and upgraded by tech experts recently to use 800GB platters. This hard drive is more reliable than other products in the market. The different features of this hard drive are as under:

Features of WD Black Drive

  • Large capacity

If you have large data on your PC, you can store it on this hard drive. It can store data up to 6TB. You can store movies, music files, videos, and games on this black hard drive.

  • Modern design

The 6TB WD Black series of Western Digital brands has a nice design that increases data density every platter and reduces the travel of the heads. It comes with 5x 1.2 TB platters and 10write/read heads.

  • Long term warranty

This hard drive has a long-term warranty of 5 years. So, it is a good product for small and large companies. This hard drive also helps you to store a large amount of data such as movies, 4K videos, and music files.

  • Cache

It has a cache between 64MB and 256MB. The capacity range is between 500GB and 6TB.

Pros and Cons of WD Black Drive

Pros of WD Black Drive

  • It improves the PC experience and gives better speed to the PC.
  • You can use this hard drive for gaming, video editing, and photo editing tasks.
  • This hard drive is faster than other normal hard drives.
  • It is one of the best hard drives for gaming lovers, graphic designers, and web designers.

Cons of WD Black Drive

  • It is a louder hard drive than an ordinary hard drive.
  • This hard drive is very expensive.
  • It does not read errors easily.
  • This hard drive consumes a lot of energy and power.
  • It can result in data loss or failure of the hard drive.

Which is better HDD to purchase for long-term use?

Now, we will look at the various factors of both models in detail.

1. Formatted capacity

The term formatted capacity means storage of information and data in bytes. WD Black Hard Drive has a capacity of more than 10TB. On the other hand, the capacity of the WD Blue hard drive is 6TB. So, it is better to buy WD black series if you want high storage.

2. Performance Class (RPM) 

Spindle speed is the main factor to check the performance of the hard drive. In terms of RPM, both the models have good performance. While WD Blue hard drives give 5400 RPM and WD Black series run at 7200 RPM.

3. Cache

The cache is temporary memory when your drive writes or reads data. WD Black series has a cache between 64MB and 256MB. On the other hand, a Blue hard drive has a cache between 32MB and 256MB. However, the Blue hard drive has mobile series only up to 128MB cache. So, the Black series is better in this case.

4. Noise levels

The noise level of the WD Blue series is between 21 and 29 dBA. Black series of WD also offers noise levels of 29 dBA. If you want a silent hard drive, choose the WD Blue series. It is better than the Black series.


Both Blue drive from WD and WD Black SSD Drive have their own pros and cons. They have large storage, formatted capacity, and other benefits. But Western Digital Black Hard Drive certainly wins this race. It has a better design, storage capacity and other features than Blue series.

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