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Best Business Phones To Consider in 2021

Best Business Phones To Consider in 2021

Business is all about reducing expenses and saving money along with sales. Only doing good sales will not a business main point. When you found a good investment that you know will increase efficiency or productivity by keeping expenses down, adopt that thing.

Every business wants efficient and cost-effective solutions for better productivity. And IP Phones and VoIP Business Phones are great solutions that help you to boost it. Networking products such as VoIP business phones, they are best in providing the best telecommunication technology that helps in making business deals on calls amazingly.

IP business phones and VoIP business phones are one of the best business solutions that can cut down your expenses by reducing call costs.

Today we will talk about the best business phones to consider in 2021. Change your traditional telephone lines with top-class quality business phones to get the experience of the best telephone communication system.

Key Specification of Business Phone Systems

VoIP means voice-over-internet protocol, which means you don’t need any wiring or telephone company network to connect on a call. Instead is using the traditional telephone lines, your all data will be turned into packets and sent over the IP networks. An IP network your business uses can be your internet connections or direct IP connection from your service provider.

One more advantage of using VOIP or IP business phones is service mobility. If your business is on the go, IP Phones or VOIP Phones would be a great option for you as it follows you wherever you go. Traditional phones don’t allow you to go out from the wired network area. If you want to go anywhere, you have to miss your business calls or you have to leave a person to attend your calls on your behalf. It means there are no physical limitations while you have a business phone with you.

As for the above advantages, there are many other plus points of buying IP or VoIP business phones like low call costs, you have to pay for every new call-in traditional telephone systems. You get many more features in IP phones such as efficient client interaction, easy to do conference calls, etc.

Find the Best VoIP Phones for your Business

1)            Avaya 9641GS IP Telephone

2)            Cisco CP-8845-K9 line IP video phone

3)            Polycom 2200-15810-025 CX3000 IP conference phone

4)            Yealink SIP-T52S Gigabit 12-Line VoIP WiFi desk phone

5)            Avaya B179 IP conference station

6)            Cisco Unified IP phone CP-89-WL-K9

7)            Yealink SIP-T42S IP phone


1)        Avaya 9641GS IP Telephone

Avaya 9641GS IP telephone comes with a 5.0 capacitive touch screen display that is 4 position adjustable. Also, it has configurable line and feature buttons. Its fixed features include Speaker, mute, headset, contacts, home, history, message, phone forwarding and volume.

360 degree visual alert for incoming calls and voice mails make this business telephone system one of the best for any business. High-speed call management and superb voice quality even if your business is on the go is one of the best quality point you will get if you buy this type of business phone.

Some other benefits include-

·         Easy to install

·         Advanced call management

·         Call queuing

·         Call recordings

·         24/7 customer support


2)        Cisco CP-8845-K9 line IP video phone

Cisco offers an attractive new ergonomic design with 720p HD video and wideband audio for crystal-clear video in the CP-8845-K9 Telephone system. It will help you in increasing personal productivity through an amazing and powerful easy to use user interface.

The Cisco CP-K9 IP phone provides access to a comprehensive suite of unified communications features like encrypted voice and video communication for security. To take advantage of superior audio acoustics, it allows you to move the audio path over to the CP-8845-K9 during active mobile calls.

This IP phone has five programmable line keys that you can configure and set accordingly whether you want to multiple directory numbers or speed dial call features.


3)        Polycom 2200-15810-025 CX3000 IP Conference Phone

Polycom 2200-15810 IP business phone comes with the embedded Microsoft Lync software that works outstanding and delivers a familiar user interface for conference calls.

Key Specification of Polycom 2200 IP Conference Phone-

·         large high resolution color display

·         Buttons to navigate the calendar, dialing controls, and contact directory.

·         USB port for the better together features whenever you connect it with the PC running Microsoft Lync software.

·         Conference bridge

·         Recorded greetings


4)        Yealink SIP-T52S Gigabit 12-Line VoIP Wi-Fi Desk Phone

Yealink SIP-T52SVoIP Business Phones comes with a 2.8” color display touch screen. It also has a USB port, Bluetooth supporting system, and HD voice feature specially designed for busy executives and professionals.

Yealink SIP-T52S VoIP Phonesis known for its crystal clear voice and communications, you can enhance its audio quality by adding an Opus audio codec so that it provides a superb audio quality experience. To know more about Yealink IP Phones, Call us at +971-4-3425068.


5)        Avaya B179 IP conference Phone

Avaya B179 IP Conference Phone provide seamless business communications over conference meetings. It supports SD-card to record all the meetings that you do on conference calls for later use.

It is one of the Best VoIP Business Phones for small to medium sized businesses that have a large type of board or conference rooms for meeting.


6)        Cisco Unified IP phone (CP-89-WL-K9)

Cisco 8961 IP Phone is an advanced professional VoIP Business Phone that delivers an enhanced user experience with an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use premium design. Amazingly developed ergonomic design and special user experience design with the VGA display.

 Key Specification of Cisco CP-89-WL-K9 IP Phone-

·         Embedded Bluetooth radio

·         2 USB ports for convenience

·         5 feature/call session buttons with state indicating LED

·         Buttons for transfer, conference

·         It supports wired and wireless headsets

·         Great for those who make few calls per day, better for those who handle dozens of calls per hour.


7)        Yealink SIP-T42S IP Phone

It is an IP phone that comes from the Yealink brand and it is a 12-line IP phone with multiple programming action keys for increasing productivity. Yealink provides optima HD voice technology for the great voice process with the wideband codec of Opus for superb sound quality.

These are the best business phones to consider in 2021 if you want to add or improve your on-call business communications. As we know it’s a cost-saving technology and these types of small changes can bring efficiency and productivity.

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