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5 VoIP Features You Should Take Advantage of in 2021

5 VoIP Features You Should Take Advantage of in 2021 | Genx System

Many businesses, small or big always consider all the efficient and cost-effective solutions. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is one of them. It is one of the most fantastic technologies that provide you a cost-saving opportunity. It will drop down your calling cost to half of what you are paying right now for your business meeting calls.

VoIP phone is a device that uses an internet connection instead of using copper wires to make a call like traditional wired phones that charges you long and heavy bills.

VoIP business phones do not charge you extra money for every extra feature. On the other hand, you pay for every new call if you are using a traditional calling phone for your business calls.

VoIP phone systems are wonderful in improving time management, increasing productivity, and the main thing is flexibility. If your business is on the go, you can still attend your business phone calls as it just needs a decent internet connection to make or receive a call.

Take Advantage of VoIP Business Phones

There are lots of advantages that the VoIP telephone system offers and we will talk about the top 5 features you should take advantage of in 2021. Let’s sneak into them and see how you can bring efficiency and save cost for your business.

1) Cut Down Cost Per Call

Every business wants to save cost whenever opportunity appears and VoIP is one of the best things that are available in the market right now. As mentioned above and the part of the name suggests, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) uses internet connectivity to make calls instead of using lines that are used by traditional phones. Talking technically, all the data of communication is turned into packets and sent over the IP network. This is the process of how the internet works with VoIP phones.

Your cost per call will be reduced to around half of what you pay when you use a traditional wired telephone system because you don’t have to pay for every call here. Your internet package is enough to pay for all your calls. Copper wire charges are not there and so do PBX hardware costs. PBX is a device that connects many telephones in an office and it costs very high.

While using VoIP phones, you can use every feature that you think is beneficial for your business without any extra cost.

2) Higher Accessibility

You don’t need any strong and faster internet connection every time to make a call from a VoIP phone. A decent data connection is enough to receive or make business calls. Suppose, if you are not connected to the internet connection then you can divert your call to any other phone that you use for your business that has a connection. If not then there is one more option and that is voicemail that you can get by email.

3) Portability

When someone uses a number for their business, they take care that it would remain the same forever because the clients and customers have the number. If it changes, it will take lots of time to tell all of them that you have changed your number and in this process, there are chances of losing potential clients or customers. Second thing, if you travel a lot then you can use the same VoIP phone number wherever you go.

If your business changes the address, it doesn’t mean you have to change the number too. You can easily retain your number that you are using if you are using a VoIP phone.

4) Advanced Features

With advanced and beneficial features that every business can use such as auto attendant and call divert or transfer makes VoIP a full pack of the latest communication technology. You just have to use the best out of available features to make your enterprise feel more approachable.

Auto-attendant is a pro feature that makes your company’s image better than ever.

VoIP phones also offer conference calls feature and the good thing is that it does not charge you any extra buck like traditional phones. Small or big, businesses do need separate conference calls and enable many people to join you.

If you are more on video calls, you can go for VoIP with the video call feature. These phones have better video quality than any other at this price.

Security is something that is everyone’s concern and for businesses, security is one of the main priorities. With encryption and improved identity management, VoIP can mitigate security threats. Hosted VoIP providers work around the clock to protect their networks.

5) Higher Voice Quality

If you are using the best VoIP phone system for your business, it means you prefer quality to deal with the work. These small things enhance the business image in the market. People always want quality, start from your house and let them see you prefer quality and they will come to you without any doubt.

When VoIP first launched, people faced a problem because of its weak quality of the call. But, today as long as you have a good and stable internet connection, voice quality will never be an issue. Because of the fastest internet nowadays, VoIP phones deliver crystal clear voice without having an issue with latency.

No lag while on voice or video conference call even when calls are going longer. With the VoIP in your hand, you can receive or make calls with a decent internet connection but the key to boosting VoIP call quality is sturdy internet connectivity with good bandwidth.

There are VoIP phones available with the noise-cancellation microphone and advanced audio compression in order to get the best sound quality for every call you make.

Connect with Genx System

With this piece of information, you can add a wonderful cost-effective solution to your business that provides efficiency. Now when you have all the advantages of VoIP phones, it’s time to get yourself one.

Genx system offers a wide range of the best VoIP phones system for businesses. Sometimes it gets confusing when we have to choose from options. Our technical experts and advisors are here to help you in choosing the best one for your business. Contact us and we will look into the matter and solve all your questions and issues related to networking products.

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